Alto Valencia S.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund which aims to boost research, technological development and innovation. Thanks to the support received from the Fund, El Alto has implemented a system to manage its Sustainable Development Goals aimed at promoting sustainability and highlighting the economic, social and environmental repercussions of such an approach. So far, this has been implemented during the years 2021 and 2022. We have also had the support of the Valencian Chamber of Commerce’s  Sustainability program .

European Regional Development Fund

A way to strengthen Europe

Alto Valencia S.L. has received support from the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the use and quality of, and access to, information and communication technologies, along with their sustainability. With the funds received, El Alto has invested in elements for the reduction of energy consumption to improve the company’s competitiveness and productivity in 2021. To this end, we also received support from the Valencian Chamber of Commerce’s  Sustainability program .

European Regional Development Fund          A way to strengthen Europe

Since 2016, El Alto Group has been providing clients with sustainable experiences, promoting local traditions, and respecting cultural and natural environments. We are specialists in the development of unique sustainable projects. 

    • La Barraca del Palmar, where visitors can learn about this traditional type of building and witness the making of an authentic Valencian Paella, in a unique environment accompanied by a walk by the  Albufera Lagoon, in the middle of the Natural Park. 
    • Visit Masía Aldamar, a typical seventeenth century Valencian farmhouse, and discover all its secrets – its bodegas and wines, traditional mill and patios – all in a unique environment surrounded by  orange blossom and trees. Tastings with soul 
    • Come and visit Masía El Pinar – an ancient farmhouse with a typical Valencian vegetable garden – where you can enjoy our vegetables, in a unique environment surrounded by pine trees and olive trees. The most local vegetables possible – straight from the garden to the table. 
    • Ateneo Mercantil, a unique experience in the the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at the very heart of the city, housed in a historic Modernista Building, and representing the cultural and social centre of the city. This is a place with unique views where you can taste a Valencian vermouth and plenty more produce from our Valencian land.
    • Coven Carmen, a must-see in the centre of the El Carmen neighbourhood, where solemnity and music merge in a monastic setting. 
    • A boat trip on the Mediterranean, sailing from the Marina Real: a unique experience whereby you can sail by yacht along the coast of Valencia – a great way to discover the port and enjoy our Mediterranean Sea, so frequently a source of inspiration for our great Valencian painter, Joaquín Sorolla. 


In 2021, we went a step further. El Alto Group is fully committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, 2030 Agenda, and its Sustainability Policy, implementing economic, social and environmental initiatives, including the calculation of our carbon footprint.

The report was prepared in consultation with MASUNO SOLUCIONES S.L. ( in adherence with the GRI Standard and has had the support of the Generalitat Valenciana, where it was presented to the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labour.

We root our actions in the three basic principles of sustainability:

    • Environmental Principle. We conduct all our activities with the utmost care and respect for the environment, contributing as much as possible to the conservation and improvement of the our natural surroundings.
    • Social and cultural principle. Our business activity dynamizes and strengthens the culture and society of our surrounding communities, preserving historic buildings and farmhouses of incalculable value.
    • Economic principle. Our company’s economic sustainability guarantees stable work and creates wealth both directly and indirectly in nearby towns and villages.

El Alto Group is committed to guaranteeing our clients the best service possible, maintaining high standards of quality, safety and social and environmental sustainability. 

We have recently been awarded the “Certificate for Sustainable Tourism”, from the Spanish Institute for Quality Tourism (ICTE), making us the first catering and event management company nationwide to obtain this recognition and the accompanying financial support. 

We invest substantially in sustainability, notably our solar panels project to make our flagship venue, Masía Aldamar, fully self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption. 

We understand that a company like ours can have an important positive impact on culture and cultural heritage. El Alto Group has extensive experience in organising events in important public heritage buildings. We have inaugurated significant historical-cultural projects such as the MUVIM, Bancaja Foundation, and the Bank of Sabadell Headquarters, among other unique buildings. 

We regularly work in buildings of immense artistic and heritage value such as Valencia City Hall, Palau de la Generalitat, Ateneo Mercantil, Bombas Gens, Museo del Carmen, etc. 

We have a long history of working in protected buildings, and  guarantee the utmost care and respect for all spaces with high historical value, which comprise the heritage of our city of Valencia.


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